Custom Setter Painting

Christmas Cards and Custom Orders

My printer's humming away, working overtime on Christmas cards today.  I had to baby him a little today...a quick Windex wipe down, and he's no longer leaving ugly black blobs all over my cards. Now please just keep chugging away, little guy!

I have a stack of custom paintings to finish up.  First up, an English Setter and a pair of dachshunds that just need some final details, and they'll be off to their new homes.  Just a few more hours and I could be done, but it's so easy to distract myself with staring out the window at this beautiful view, spontaneously starting websites and blogs, and having conversations with inanimate objects.  My little guys may end up watching a little too much Mickey Mouse today. Mama's busy painting...or possibly creating song lyrics to the rhythm of my Epson.

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