Longest. Month. Ever.

Longest. Month. Ever.

My kids have been home from school for almost three weeks now, but it feels like three months!  I'm so thankful we're all healthy, and get to spend lots of quality time together, but any inspiration to paint seems to be eluding me with these four small people around all day every day.  I did complete a couple of custom watercolors this month before the imprisonment...er social distancing and "hunkering down" began- two tricolor shelties, which just happen to be the very best type of dogs and my favorite to draw and paint. 

I've also been keeping busy with lots of projects around the house.  If we're going to be stuck here for the foreseeable future, I might as well make it pretty.  This week I added window trim to all of the poor, naked windows in the house.  I still need to fill the nail holes, caulk, and paint them white, but for now I'm enjoying the natural wood. I love how simple and quick these are to knock out, and what a huge difference it makes to the character of a room.  I used this blog post as a starting point. https://southernyankeediy.com/craftsman-home-tour/diy-fancy-farmhouse-window-trim-the-lazy-girl-way/ .  It was easy to make little changes to the style once I got the general idea of how to make them. 

Once I framed the family room windows, the door looked strange, so I framed it too in the same style.  

I also built new desk/ work space for my office, something I've been planning since we moved here last July.  I used base cabinets I found at our local ReStore for $5 each, and built a plank top out of 1x6 pine boards.  I love how it turned out, and I'm so excited to have a dedicated spot to paint, cut prints and store all of my art stuff.  I'm working on upper shelves too to make use of the high ceilings in this room.  They're about 95% done...which is where my projects often end up for a few months.  Hopefully with all this time at home, I'll find some motivation to finish all of my mostly finished projects.  


I'll leave you with this cute little face- one of my new office-mates.  We were gerbil-sitting my 1st grader's class pets for spring break, but it appears they will be long-term visitors.  They're pretty sweet.  I may have to do some gerbil paintings one of these days!

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