Faux Fireplace Build

Faux Fireplace Build

This post has absolutely nothing to do with my artwork, but it is about another hobby I've been exploring recently- building things and improving our home- and attempting to overcome my fear of power tools!

 I love so many things about our new home, but I must admit, it is kind of bland and lacking in character.  And it doesn't have a fireplace.  I knew it was kind of silly, but this is one of the things I was disappointed by when we first looked at it.  I spent a few months contemplating my options, and finally decided to build a faux fireplace.  It only took me a few hours, and I love the end result and how cozy our family room looks now!  I used these plans from Ana White https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/mimis-faux-mantle

This is a fun, simple build, perfect for a beginner like me.  The only changes I made were to add a base using a 1x12 to make it freestanding (I like rearranging things, so there's a good chance it won't stay on this wall forever), and I added a stacked log insert using a piece of plywood and wood slices cut from branches from the backyard.  

And here it is all decked out for Christmas. And a photo bomb from the sweet Minori.

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I love this idea. Any thoughts as to how you could make this work if you have moulding above the quarter round?


Thanks for sharing this. I am in the same boat no fireplace in my home either. So, my daughter is an architect in design, etc. So, she is going to do this build for me. Love yours as well as it decorated for christmas. Thank you for sharing all the details and information. Have a blessed and fabulous day 😊

Darlene Pearce

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